💡 Spotlight on: Ciele Athletics – Dots Whitaker

Despite Ciele Athetics’ notoriously minimalist style, their iconic aesthetic was not achieved overnight. Instead, the concept was cultivated by co-founders Jeremy Bresnen and Mike Giles over a number of years before the brand was launched.


 Ciele Athletics Co-Owners

 Their goal was simple but ambitious: “To create the best running cap of all time.”


Ciele Athletics Design

 Jeremy noticed that there were apparent overlaps between his two passions, skateboarding and running, but felt that the was a more inclusive and “less cliquey” nature to the running scene. In the world of running, as Jeremy puts it, “As long as you run, you are cool”.


Ciele Athletics Running Scene

 With this in mind, Ciele wanted to create a unique product that had a clear lifestyle twist, something that could be worn by stylish everyday runners all the way up to professional athletes and ultra-marathon runners.


 From a technical perspective, everything has been considered and designed with the runner in mind.

All Ciele Athletics caps feature a UPF +40 UV protection on the front panels and brim, whilst their COOLwick™ performance fabrics are optimized to transfer sweat away from your skin to the outside of the fabric for quickest evaporation.


 The reflective detailing will keep you visible from dusk till dawn, whilst the pliable cap brim means you can pack your Ciele cap away when you need to without fear of ruining the fit or shape.


 The latest addition to our curated collection of Ciele pieces is the CRWCap Athletics AllOver Dots Whitaker, whose striking design represents “textures and markers for every mile”.

The dots Ciele use throughout the brand have always signified mile markers to their design team, and this season their new dots print adds texture to their classic CRWCap.


Ciele Dots Whitaker Model

 We love this iconic Cap, not just because it’s one of the most stylish running accessories of the year, but because it illustrates Ciele's street-style and performance technology working in perfect harmony.