Ponnek was established in Cornwall, 2022. The aim was to build a community and a team. A fully-inclusive club. Ponnek is not all about being at the sharp end of a race, or clocking the fastest track times. Whilst they admire and support these feats, they believe it’s the individual and their personal targets, no matter how great or small, that deserves the recognition.Not content with sitting back and doing things the easy way, they are striving to source sustainable fabrics and manufacture apparel responsibly. All whilst maintaining a zero compromise on technical performance focus. Spring/Summer ’23 sees them introduce a recycled ocean plastic fabric (Seaqual), with the ‘Eye- Run’ Range.


The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a community with a single voice against plastic pollution. They bring together individuals, organizations and companies, to help clean our oceans and raise awareness of the issue of marine plastic.

Working alongside the various ocean clean up projects happening around the world, they take the marine plastics gathered and recycle this into a high quality fabric that can be used in clothing and sports apparel.

The Problem

Every year 12 MILLION TONS of plastic is dumped into our oceans around the world.

This has devastating consequences to the marine mammals and sea birds who also depend on our oceans. To put this into perspective, each year...

1,000,000 sea birds die.

100,000 marine mammals die.

Only 6% of plastics are found on the oceans surface or beaches so can be captured easily. 94% is found on the oceans floor so is incredibly difficult to collect.

Visit https://www.seaqual.org/ to find out how you can help.