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Carefully curated from around the world. Worldwide Shipping. UK Warehouse. Guaranteed Satisfaction. 

We've selected these independent (and non-mainstream!) brands based on their performance, quality of materials and style.

So what is TAK? Hear what a recent review had to say...

Across the 15 issues of the BREEZY brief we've featured a multitude of new premium sportswear brands. They concentrate on design, aesthetics and champion the focused amateur spirit. It's why many originate in simple design ethos Scandi countries (Saysky, Doxa) or the amateur elite running mecca of Boston (Tracksmith, Janji). The frustration however comes when you click buy and you're hit with €10-20 delivery charge, because being small, they don't yet have the global distribution network. At last there is a UK based solution The Active Kollection. A premium sportswear marketplace to purchase your running, cycling and fitness apparel all in one place. Think Sports Direct, but without the messy stores, zero hour contracts and all round unpleasant place to be. In fact it's nothing like Sports Direct, but it's about time premium sportswear marketplaces arose given the huge growth in the area.

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We travelled the world in search of the best independent brands on the market.

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We chose every item here based purely on their quality, aesthetic and innovative nature.