Ciele Fabrics

Each season Ciele transition further away from first use plastic towards high quality repreve fibres. Their COOLwick fabrics ensures moisture is taken away from the skin with all caps featuring UPF +40 protection.

COOLwick Performance Fabrics

Ciele's COOLwick™ performance fabrics are optimized to transfer moisture away from your skin and to the outside of the fabric for quickest evaporation.

Million Miles Guarantee

Ciele products come with a Million Miles Guarantee. If at any point you become dissatisfied with your Ciele Athletics™ product please don’t hesitate to return it to us for repair or replacement or refund. In return, we ask that you take good care of it and if you’re no longer using it, reinvent it, donate it, trade it or recycle it.

UPF Protection

All Ciele Athletics caps feature a UPF +40 UV protection on the front panels and brim. Throw some shade into those sunny day long runs.