SAYSKY Spring Summer //22 Collection

SAYSKY was established in Copenhagen, with a mission to create premium performance sportswear with an urban and casual attitude. Their vision is to progress and elevate the apparel scene of running, triathlon and performance training and to nurse the contemporary generation of athletes who are passionate and serious about their sport, yet with a laid-back mindset.

For this season you’ll be seeing SAYSKY classics such as camo and universe in new colours, a continued collaboration with Le Fix, but also new prints with skulls and toxic vibes - and finally a floral comeback.

SAYSKY Fabrics

TENCEL is a popular fabric of choice for eco-conscious consumers. It’s light and versatile, and highly used in both casual wear, underwear, and sports apparel.

Benefits of Tencel

- Botanic origin

- Uses fewer natural resources, less land and water compared to cotton production

- Is stronger and last longer than cotton

- Is fully biodegradable and compostable

- Gentle on the skin and has a soft and silky feeling

- Less prone to wrinkles

- Has a unique moisture absorption ability and is breathable

- Helps with temperature regulation

Tencel in Sportswear

Tencel fibres are popular in the production of sportswear, and well suited to wear for both running and sport activities.

Due to the natural structure of the fibres, Tencel can regulate absorption and manage the transportation of moisture, which will contribute to your physical performance by keeping your body pleasantly cool and dry during activity.