If you buy cheap, you buy thrice

One of the most important days in your life is when you realise how little you need to be happy. The same mentality should be applied when buying activewear. Many athletes punish themselves by focusing on pricing and style—often ending up with a wardrobe consisting of every colour of the rainbow, with very little practical substance. This mentality has a negative effect on your performances in the short run and your wallet in the long run.

“You get what you pay for!”

How many times have you heard this? Well, with activewear, it’s more appropriate than ever. The brands producing the best garments will choose not to produce with a price point in mind. Instead, they will begin with an open mind and construct the optimal piece, in order to guarantee an athlete will take valuable seconds or even minutes off the clock. Additionally, they not only want you to put their products to the test—they expect it! That means their products are also built to last. This is just another key element that can separate the best from the rest. (Link this to the “What separates quality activewear from the rest?” post!)

You’re at your most stylish when overachieving.

Half of your training regime is a mental battle and the first three steps out of the door are the most difficult. There’s no point in spending time deciding which top to put on, when you could have already made it outside for a run or ride. The best thing you can do is declutter your wardrobe.  This means you’ll remove another obstacle between you and the front door.

Being comfortable in what you wear is as important as any other factor. It’s easy enough to combine physical and aesthetic comfort. At the end of the day, the key is to ensure that you maximise your potential and return home with a smile on your face. Keep quality in mind and you’ll reap the benefits—buying once, not thrice.