📢 Introducing: Flōa | All Action Base Layers

We’re delighted to announce that the latest addition to The Active Kollection are the luxury base layer specialists, Flōa.

Flōa's founder, Fergie Miller, knows exactly what’s required of high-perfomance base layers. Before he launched the brand, he spent 10 years in the Alps, Canada and New Zealand helping to train over 2,000 ski and snowboard instructors.



“For us at Flōa this starts with the first layer you put on, and the last layer you take off. Your foundation layer, your second skin. The base layer on which you build your layering system for your chosen action sport each and every day.”

Flōa is an old Norse word for ‘river’ or ‘flow’ and is the literal embodiment of the brand’s values.


State of Flow

It’s an ode to the powerful psychological state of flow, first coined by the Hungarian-American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

In layman’s terms, being "in the zone” is an empowering mindset that all athletes, elite or amateur, have the potential to achieve.



Flōa's highly technical base layers allow their wearers to do exactly that, giving them the confidence that their body is equipped with the right apparel, thus enabling their minds to fully focus on the task at hand.

The expertise behind the team impressive. Their product design specialist, Sean Pankhurst, has over 15 years in sportswear design and has left his mark on the iconic aesthetic of their latest All Action collection.



After the success of their first collection, the Backcountry base layer, the Flōa design team wanted to create something that was truly multi-disciplinary in it’s functionality.

Sean focused on the fact that from trail running, cycling and climbing, through to yoga and pilates, body temperature and sweat needs to be managed effectively for optimum performance. As a result the All Action base layer was created with a sharp focus on managing moisture, temperature and movement.



Sean has developed the All Action range to aid performance and recovery using a Dri-release fabric. This secure, form fitting garment benefits from hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres that dramatically improve the way wetness is pulled from the skin and away from the body.

Whether you’re looking to maintain your composure through a challenging ride, or pushing for that PB out on the trails, discomfort is the enemy of flow. As well as keeping you dry and free from chaffing, the All Action has been designed to allow your body to breathe, providing both support and warmth, but also ventilation through closed hole mesh in the areas that count.



Merrow stitching means users enjoy a softness on the seams to further improve comfort and maintain the second skin feel of what has become one of the most advanced multi-use action sports base layers on the market.

When you pull on Flōa’s base layers, you can be safe in the knowledge that your body is fully equipped to reach a place of peak performance. Now it’s the turn of your mind…